NY HOPS today:

NY HOPS is a not-for-profit membership discount program dedicated to helping older adults to maintain the freedom to age in place, live independently, and thrive in their own homes.

NY Hops negotiates discounts for its members on services and products from responsible companies with a history of ethical behavior, transparency and accountability to the consumers that they serve.

NY HOPS actively monitors the prices and quality of products and services provided by companies under agreement to encourage their accountability.

NY Hops is also a trend spotter, planning for and anticipating the needs of the older adults in seeking companies that provide goods and services in the emerging field of successful aging; including the rapidly growing areas of digital health, connective technology, universal design home renovation, medication management, personal safety, travel and entertainment.

NY HOPS is also dedicated to educating its members in becoming better informed about meeting their own needs, managing their living costs, guarding against consumer fraud, and strengthening their position as consumers.

NY HOPS is keenly interested in promoting the position of the older adult consumer in the marketplace, as well as elevating the image of the adult consumer and joining with organizations to combat ageism, patronizing attitudes, and disregard of the power of the older consumer through education, understanding, advertising, marketing and product development.

In a very real sense, NY HOPS is a coalition of three central stakeholders: 

  • Older adult consumers and the families that love them
  • Social service and community agencies that act as liaison to facilitate membership and participation NY HOPS
  • Vendors of goods and services needed and demanded by older adults, willing to give both special attention and discounted prices to members of NY HOPS.

NY HOPS Yesterday

NY HOPS was launched in July of 2010 by the recipient organization NORC, Supportive Services Center in NY City. NY HOPS was championed by its original innovator Nat Yalowtz. Mr. Yalowtz was one of the original leaders to conceptualize NORC (naturally occurring retirement communities), and become President of Penn South NORC NY City, a community of 3,000 residents living in a ten building enclave in the Chelsea area of Manhattan.

In the late 1990s Penn South leadership detected a need to help those aging in place with out-of-pocket healthcare needs such as  vision, hearing devices, and insurance that were not covered by Medicare.

After study of various organizational models, Penn South, under the leadership of Mr. Yalowitz launched PS-HOPS. In 2004 other programs made requests for support and in 2005 a report was made at the White House Conference on Aging on such discount service models, and a feasibility study was completed with financial support from National Cooperative Bank, Amalgamated Bank and the Amalgamated Insurance Company.

NY HOPS under the watchful eye of Nat Yalowitz became the first program of its kind in the country, and is now available in close to 20 programs citywide, offering numerous discounted products and services, and hundreds of older adult members.

Initially, NY HOPS enrolled Adriane G. Berg, founder and CEO of Generation Bold, as consultant to determine which not-for-profit organization should be enlisted to expand the program and create a framework for future development. With Mr. Yalowitz  remaining fully engaged as an advisor,  the Directorship was taken over by Rimas Jasin, Director of Presbyterian Senior Services, Inc. , a private, nonsectarian 501C (3) agency, with Adriane G. Berg Generation Bold acting as Chief Consulting Coordinator for the project.

At present, the Department of Health and Human Services Grant has been extended through at least February, 2012.

NY HOPS Tomorrow:

The new leadership is focused on expanding and re-imagining NY HOPS so that is can be sustained, expand and continue to improve.  The intent is to enable NY HOPS to provide a greater variety of products and services needed and demanded by older adults, with an eye toward lifelong vitality, the freedom to age in place, maintenance of dignity, the power of the purse, and transparency with regard to product pricing.

Currently, NY HOPS is administered under a federal grant by the Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging. However, the ultimate goal is that it become self sustaining and expanded, serving as a model for many other programs. The next six months will be critical, as all those involved with NY HOPS - PSS, Generation Bold, the partner agencies, member and vendors – strive to develop the program into an effective, efficient and sustainable discount program that will improve the quality of life of older adults.  


PSS (Presbyterian Senior Services) was founded in 1962 when a small group of volunteers banded together to help care for older members of their church community. Its scope has expanded considerably since then, but at root is the same basic principle that got it started: PSS believes seniors are an integral part of our community, and it will do all it can to keep them healthy, engaged, and connected.

In the fifty years since its founding, PSS has been making a difference in the lives of older adults, their families, and their communities. From those modest beginnings, PSS has grown and changed as needs have grown and changed, to become a recognized leader in the areas of senior services and caregiver support. PSS’s multi-service agency now encompasses 7 senior centers, 2 senior residences, and an extensive network of Caregiver Support Programs. Its groundbreaking Grandparent Family Apartments project is the first of its kind in the nation, providing safe, affordable housing and supportive programs for grandparents raising grandchildren, enabling those children to meet their full potential.

Rimas J. Jasin, Executive Director of PSS, has over twenty five years of nonprofit leadership experience, with an extensive background in the field of aging. He has held numerous executive positions, which include serving as CEO/Executive Director at the Lake County Council on Aging, the Cleveland Area Alzheimer’s Association, and as Regional Vice President at the American Cancer Society. Mr. Jasin has a M.A. in Human Services from John Carroll University and a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Cleveland State University. Rimas sits on numerous national and regional nonprofit boards, and brings with him expertise in many areas, including strategic planning, agency management, and program development.

Rimas Jasin is very excited about the opportunity for PSS to take NY HOPS to the next level and working with the Generation Bold, the partner organizations and vendors towards advancing NY HOPS.


Adriane Berg is the founder of Generation Bold, a sales and marketing consultant to companies seeking to reach the leading edge boomer and active senior. She is also a spokesperson and message point creator for advertising and branding campaigns to reach that market, including marketing to the boomer and silver generations, personal roads to successful aging, financial gerontology, care taking and public policy.

Ms. Berg is an innovator in the field of longevity, having helped found the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and introducing the concepts of longevity planning and longevity law to the financial and legal professions.

In addition to dozens of speaking engagements annually, Adriane is guest lecturer at USC Davis School of Gerontology on “Marketing to the Silver Markets” and hosts the only radio show devoted to issues of not for profits, The Not for Profit Exchange, www.notforprofitexchange.com.

Adriane G. Berg is one of the most credentialed and recognized speakers on successful aging personal finance in the nation and internationally. She is the national keynoter for the "USA Today" retirement seminars, award winning author of 13 books on personal finance, including, most recently, "How Not To Go Broke at 102: Achieving Everlasting Wealth," John Wiley & Sons, 2008. Adriane designs and conducts seminars on marketing, product development, client outreach, and financial gerontology for home offices, branches and regions of numerous insurance carriers and financial companies, as well as designing and keynoting consumer outreach and client appreciation events.  She is also a renowned speaker in the field of world travel and tourism and residential relocation as a function of worldwide aging and the passion for new experiences, and new housing concepts.

Ms. Berg is also a well-known radio and television personality, having won an Emmy for writing and hosting "IRS Tax Beat" on FNN, and has made multiple appearances on OPRAH, GOOD MORNING AMERICA and REGIS.

Ms. Berg graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi from Brooklyn College, and was an Editor of the Law Review, NYU School of Law, where she achieved her JD degree.

Nat Yalowitz

Social work executive and professional for over 45 years; fields of mental health and medical social services.

Consultant; teacher; research and writing.

Founder of the first U.S. NORC program at Penn South Coop in NYC.


Advisory Board:

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